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Week 34, Bitter Pill

To listen on an iPhone, visit my Bandcamp site, or download the SoundCloud iPhone app.

This song is the last of the four that I’d written ahead of time four weeks ago, and it marks the first time that I’ve been able to pull off two songs in one week, a skill which I suspect I’ll need again before this is all over. I’ve been desperate for a while now to give myself some breathing room. With spring getting springier, and summer approaching, my ability to function normally with minimal disruptions to my plans for family fun and travel is going to be really tested.

As the fourth in a series of similar recordings, I’m going to avoid being redundant in writing the same details about which microphones and setup were used. Reference week 31 for more on the guitar sound, and week 29 for details of the drum recording. I’d be remiss to not mention the MultiTrack iPhone app, with which I’ve recorded all of the guitars and vocals, and I continue to use Reaper for drum recording and mixing the songs.

If I haven’t mentioned it lately, thanks again to everyone for following along, sending me feedback and encouragement, writing about my project, and generally taking interest in this little challenge of mine.

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Week 33, Lullaby

To listen on an iPhone, visit my Bandcamp site, or download the SoundCloud iPhone app. 

This song is the first of the two-song week. The song is called “Lullaby,” and that’s exactly what it is, a little ditty for my little guy.

The guitar sound on this track consists of my Fender Telecaster Thinline using just the neck pickup (getting a little bit of that semi-hollow body sound) through the Orange Crush 30r with some light distortion. I was able to get in some good work with the Blue Mikey for this track, using it for vocals, melodica, and percussion. What you’re hearing for percussion on this track is, fittingly, my son’s little drum kit. It’s pretty nicely made for a child’s drum set, with tunable heads and a miniature high hat. There’s also a tambourine cameo from my wife’s childhood Fraggle Rock tambourine. It’s a particular favorite around our house. This song was recorded entirely using my iPhone along with the MultiTrack app.

Good night everyone.

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Week 32, Horse Fly

To listen on an iPhone, visit my Bandcamp site, or download the SoundCloud iPhone app.

The 32nd song is a rocker. I can’t help but go back to grungy rock songs every so often. The further I get into this project, the more excited I am to start playing this stuff with a live band, particularly the upbeat tracks. I’m working on putting together a lineup, so stay tuned for more info on that front.

This song was recorded with the same setup, equipment, and process as the last few. You can refer to previous posts for the details, but quickly: recorded with MultiTrack on the iPhone and Reaper on the computer. The warm distortion on the vocals were a happy result of the iPhone’s mic.

You might have noticed a little change to the SoundCloud music player for this week’s song. I’m keeping a SoundCloud set running that hosts all of the songs to date. That way you can listen to the most recent tracks and can easily browse through and catch some of the older tunes. I’m still trying to get back to posting earlier in the week, but considering that I managed to finish my taxes on Wednesday, survive my good friend Ephraim’s bachelor party on Thursday (resulting in the hoarse vocals), and then thoroughly enjoy his wedding on Saturday, I should be happy to have this up and running on Sunday. I’ll try again next week and see what happens.

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Week 31, Old and Close

YouTube link for iPhone

As promised, here’s a nice long song with a nice little post. “Old and Close” was written in standard tuning and features the same amp and miking configurations as last week. I really like how everything ended up sounding, and the guitars in particular. You can really hear them shine at the end of the song where the drums drop out. It’s cool enough that I’m able to capture all of these great sounds with my iPhone, but it’s even cooler that I’m getting such great guitar and even bass sounds out of a practice amp. I have to give a ton of credit to the folks at Orange Amps for making such a great sounding, versatile, and surprisingly powerful little practice amp. I’ve used the Orange Crush 30r on just about every weekly song so far, as well as using it as a studio amp for some production work that I’ve done. I love that the amp has very little frills; you have bass, mid, and treble, distortion/gain, and spring reverb in a closed cab. The distortion is really smooth, and both the clean and distorted tones are some of the best that I’ve ever heard from a solid-state amp.

A good guitar sound isn’t made by amp alone. For this track I was using the ToneBone tube distortion pedal made by Radial. It’s a classic-sounding tube distortion with a wide range, adjustable voicing, and plenty of crunch when called on. The instrument of choice was my Fender Telecaster ‘72 Thinline, which really sounds great in that mildly distorted zone, as you can hear in this song. I used the same amount of drive for the entire song with both the bridge and neck pickups switched on; the only difference between the quiet beginning and the loudest parts is me fingerpicking instead of strumming. 

As I mentioned earlier, the recording configuration for this week is identical to last. Everything except drums was recorded onto the iPhone using the MultiTrack app. Vocals were recorded using my iPhone’s built in mic, and I used Reaper for the drums and the final mix.

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Week 30, Spinning

YouTube link for iPhone

I’m going to keep the next couple of posts brief so that I can focus on some exciting developments that are coming soon, including the remastering and release of Project 52, Volume 2 (weeks 14 – 26).

The first major step along the way was taken on Friday, where I made the most of having a day off from work by finishing a construction project to completely revamp my home studio, and I recorded the drums for this week’s song plus the next three weekly songs (writing four songs this week was huge, too). To top it off, I had a great business lunch with David Bernabo, my partner in Woolslayer & Main Productions, to plan out our Web site. We need to get the site up and running before the release of “Rock of the Dead“, an amazing looking zombie-themed video game from our friends at Epicenter Studios, on which we were asked to produce a bunch of songs.

This week’s song, “Spinning,” is a pretty straight-up pop/rock number. It’s a good old bass, drums, and guitar song, written in standard tuning. The drums were recorded in Reaper using the same six-mic setup as last week. The guitars, bass, and vocals were recorded into my iPhone using the MultiTrack app. The guitar and bass were performed on my Orange Crush 30R and miked using the custom break-out cable (discussed in Week 2). The vocals were recorded using the iPhone’s built in mic. 

The current song of the week is available as a free download using the SoundCloud player, and as always thanks for stopping by and letting me know what you think of my weekly craziness.

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