Week 33, Lullaby

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This song is the first of the two-song week. The song is called “Lullaby,” and that’s exactly what it is, a little ditty for my little guy.

The guitar sound on this track consists of my Fender Telecaster Thinline using just the neck pickup (getting a little bit of that semi-hollow body sound) through the Orange Crush 30r with some light distortion. I was able to get in some good work with the Blue Mikey for this track, using it for vocals, melodica, and percussion. What you’re hearing for percussion on this track is, fittingly, my son’s little drum kit. It’s pretty nicely made for a child’s drum set, with tunable heads and a miniature high hat. There’s also a tambourine cameo from my wife’s childhood Fraggle Rock tambourine. It’s a particular favorite around our house. This song was recorded entirely using my iPhone along with the MultiTrack app.

Good night everyone.

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