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Week 46, The Weekend

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For the first time in several weeks I’m getting a song up without franticly writing something at the last minute, and that’s a welcome change. We’ll see how long I can keep it up. With only six weeks left, I should be able to find the motivation.

Evo and Orange

I don’t have a whole lot to say about this song. It came together pretty well – even with the slightly ridiculous dual guitar solo at the end. This is another track where the recordings were all made on the iPhone using the Alesis ProTrack’s mic preamps to mic the guitar amp and the drums. The guitar on this one was my Dean Evo FT. It’s a great guitar that you should still be able to get as a steal if you can find one – it has a coil-tap switch! The guitar sound is just the Evo through my Orange Crush 30r using the amp’s distortion and miked with a CAD E200.

The drums were recorded with just two mics, both small diaphragm condensers in an xy pattern about four feet out in front of the kit. The vocals were recorded as usual with just the iPhone’s built-in microphone, and I added a tinge of distortion and delay on the back end. The melodica was also recorded with the iPhone mic. Everything was recorded into the MultiTrack DAW app and then mixed and tweaked in Reaper.

Things are coming together pretty well for the Project 52 grand finale. I should be able to announce a show lineup pretty soon. The venue is set. It’s going to be at the Brillobox here in Pittsburgh on September 5th. I’ll be playing with a band version of Developer that features Chris James on bass (currently in Assembly & formerly of Life in Bed), and Geof Comings on drums (currently in Becoming Projections & formerly of Songs: Ohia). We’ll be playing a full set of Project 52 songs and then cap the show off with a live recording of the final song, which will be posted here the next day.


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Week 45, Your Mind

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This was another rough week. I’ve had plenty of weeks where everything just fell into place, so I suppose that it’s fair to have one where it doesn’t. I may be overstating it. I don’t think that this is a bad song, but it’s a little sloppy, and I would love to have more time to work on it. The issues with this week were a result of having two Karl Hendricks Trio shows in four days, starting to spend more time and energy to get ready for the grand finale show, plus a kid who’s going through some rough sleeping spells.

With only a handful of minutes left in the week, I’m going to keep to the basics. All tracks were recorded with my Alesis ProTrack on the iPhone using the MultiTrack DAW app, except for the vocals, which were recorded with the iPhone’s built-in mic. The drums and the acoustic guitar tracks were recorded with the ProTrack’s built-in mics.

Thanks as always for stopping by. I’ll probably be sane again soon.

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Week 44, Simple Alarm

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This was one of those weeks and songs that seemed to conspire against my meeting the deadline. With only eight songs left, there was no way that was I going to say “screw it”, but consequently some elements of the song, and all elements of my voice, suffered.

I was lucky enough to get one of those really awesome summer head-colds last week, right around the time that a heat wave blasted the Eastern US. On top of that foundation I added a hard-fought game of softball, the usual regimen of sleep deprivation, and a Karl Hendricks Trio show on Saturday night. I’m pretty sure that it was the really long show at a really smoky bar that did me in, because the next day, the day that the song was due, the song for which I hadn’t written lyrics and recorded vocals yet, on that day my voice was seriously shot. I soldiered on and tried to go through the process of restoring my voice as best as I could recall the techniques from my days singing in the high school touring choir over a long time ago. But to no avail. I couldn’t get anything other than a scratchy mess out of it and I was getting pretty frustrated. I put off the recording until the evening, and then finally just went through with my best effort to disguise my vocal incompetence by recording multiple takes in both octaves.

When I finally sat down to start mixing the song, and after a more liberal application of effects to the vocal mix, I found them to be surprisingly palatable, and with scratchier voice and sloppier guitar and drum performances than I would’ve liked, I made the deadline.

The recording is similar to the last few. The scratchy vocals were recorded with the iPhone mic as usual, and all of the instruments were recorded with the Alesis ProTrack, with the slight variation that the guitar amp was my Fender Twin instead of the Orange Crush for guitars. I broke out my trusty old Twin to begin the process of relearning some of the older songs for the first live performance of the Project 52 songs, which will be at the grand finale show, which I’ll be writing more about as soon as a few more of the details come together.

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Week 43, Firefly

To listen on an iPhone, visit my Bandcamp site, or download the SoundCloud iPhone app.

This week I broke full-on into the computer. I’ve been avoiding doing too much with computer-generated sounds for some reason or another. I think mostly because it hadn’t really been called for by the songs I’ve been writing, but also I’ve liked the idea that most of the songs have been live performances. In the case of this week’s song though, it just called for a simple beat and a little bit of horns. I can play a number of instruments, few of them really well, and I’ve made the most of the melodica over the year, but I don’t have any horns, and I can’t play them… at least not since I played the sax in 6th grade band.

Thanks to the great software Reason, I was able to drop in a nice tuba, a trombone, and a mellotron flute sound along with a touch of live melodica for good measure on top of a very simple beat, and I’m pretty happy with how it came out.

The acoustic guitar was recorded with the Alesis ProTrack using the built-in condenser mics, and the electric was recorded the same way as the last couple of weeks with the CAD E200 into the iPhone using the MultiTrack DAW app. The vocals were recorded with just the iPhone’s internal mic.

I only have nine songs left after this. I’m pretty excited about that, but I’m even more excited about the grand finale for the project. I’ll have more information about that in the coming weeks, but if you’re going to be in Pittsburgh over Labor Day weekend, leave your Sunday evening free and come out to help me celebrate.


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