Week 49, Cold Again

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The Bitter Pill EP

This song is a simple little rock/pop ditty. I hope you enjoy it. It marks the return of the Blue Mikey, which I used to mic all of the instruments and one of the vocal tracks, and the introduction of a new distortion pedal, the Maxon OD808 reissue, which I was prompted to pick up to get the live guitar setup up to snuff in preparation for the grand finale show. This pedal has the same design as the original “Tube Screamer TS-808″ as Maxon was the original equipment manufacturer for Ibanez. I absolutely love the sound of this pedal, and it’s even better when paired with my Fender Blackface Twin.

I wanted to share a free EP with everyone as a thanks for sticking around for so long. Head on over to my bandcamp site and pick up The Bitter Pill EP as a completely free high quality digital download.

Also, a quick update on the grand finale show: it looks like I may be able to have the whole thing broadcast as a live streaming feed so that friends and followers from all over the world can catch the show. I’ll have more info coming very soon.




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