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Developer is the music of Corey Layman. Currently Developer is working on Project 52, an attempt to record and release a song every week for one year.

Developer’s catalogue is a collection of recordings from over the last 15 years. The music covers a number of genres, mostly aligned with indie rock of the last couple of decades, and ranges from lo-fi recordings on a tape deck with a guitar and various junk to higher-fi recordings with a full band.

In 2005 and 2006, Developer existed as a three-piece band that played local shows in Pittsburgh. The line-up with Karl Hendricks on bass and Jake Leger on drums (Karl Hendricks Trio) recorded the LP, Meet the Widget, which has not yet been released. A few of the tracks from Meet the Widget were released on the Season Tics EP in 2006 on Hope Records, which was a collection of older and newer Developer songs. Developer played a few more shows locally with bassist Mac Howison (Barrett Black) before retiring as a band.

Layman’s other music endeavors include playing bass in the Karl Hendricks Trio, and as a partner in Woolslayer & Main, a music production project of Layman and David Bernabo (Boxstep, Vale & Year, David Bernabo + Assembly, and Ninth Ward) that has produced TV and video game soundtracks.

Layman’s former projects include Hovland, a Pittsburgh band from the 90’s, and Half Hour Action Drama.

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Dave K
March 23, 2010

I found you through the Reaper Forum website. I have to say that this is one of the best things I’ve had the privilege of watching develope and listening to in years. Great vibe, great feel, great tunes, great stamina…awesome!

Ben F.
July 13, 2010

Just wanted to give you some props. I’m about to take the multitrack daw myself and your stuff has gone a long way towards proving its worth. I’m a big gbv fan as well, so hoping to turn out some mini magic. Keep it up you’re almost there.

July 15, 2010

Thank you Ben. Good luck with it. MultiTrack is amazing.

August 30, 2010

Really cool stuff! I wish I would have followed you from the beginning, but I am really enjoying going back in time and listening to your wonderful songs. I like to write, play and sing as well, so this is a real treat. In a similar fashion, I am trying to see how much I can do with the Zoom H4n and an AKG C414. The preamps are ok, probably not quite enough to do the AKG justice, but I find it challenging to see what can be done without a computer and real DAW. Good luck on your final week of the project! Can’t wait to hear it!

October 27, 2010


I have recently been recording my music on my iPhone using the Wireworks app and I have become a big fan of your blog which has inspired me a lot. I really like your recordings and I’m amazed at the quality you have been able to achieve. I have told a few friends about your Project 52 and they really like it.

I’m just starting out with the recording and still have a lot to learn. I like old prewar blues and roots/country stuff and I’ve been recording myself with the iPhone mic and the Wireworks app. I have Adobe Audition and I import the wavs to that and add a little reverb and compression from the Adobe Audition presets. I’m sure I could do more to improve the sound though and so I have a few questions if you have time to answer please:

1. Do you think the Blue Mikey is a vast improvement on the iPhone’s built-in mic? I’d like one but can’t afford the cash right now.

2. What kind of mic placement do you think is best for acoustic guitar? At the moment, I aim the iPhone mic directly at the soundhole, a couple of feet away to avoid clipping. I’d like to record myself singing and playing at the same time as I feel my vocals are best this way but I’m not sure where to put the mic to get a balanced level between the guitar and vocals? I read of one guy putting the mic above his head? What do you think?

3. I’m thinking of setting up an old-timey pots and pans drumkit for the old blues stuff but again, I’m not sure how to set up the mic as I’ll only have the iPhone mic. Would you put it overhead somewhere for best results? I saw The 88 in their video place the iPhone on the floor with a cushion as a barrier against the harsher frequencies?

4. Finally, I’m a bit ignorant about post effects in my DAW and I know more could be done here to lift the recordings. Do you have any tips about EQing, compression, reverb etc. for guitar, vocals or in general? I don’t know much about this and tend to just go with Adobe Audition’s presets and never do anything with EQing. Is it worth switching to Reaper maybe?

For example, I like how cleanly the iPhone and 4-track capture my recordings but I always think the overall results sound a bit thin and trebly when turned up on a hi-fi. Is there any way to solve this problem in post effects? Any tips or stats you have for this would be much appreciated.

Sorry for all the questions and thanks for helping a noob out :)

All the best,

Roberto Cláudio Cordeiro
March 8, 2011

Awesome! Congratulations!

I’m from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.
I wanna know what is the multitrack for iPhone and drums that you used to record your musics?

Thank you!


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