Week 18, Foothold

The 18th song is called Foothold.

I’m keeping this post short, like the song. Foothold was written on my baritone guitar in a lowered Half Hour Action Drama tuning (F#-A-D-F#-A-E) – the baritone version is (B-D-G-B-D-A). The track is just baritone, vocals, and digital drums except for during the break where there are a couple extra baritone and guitar layers added. The drums were programed using Propellerhead’s Reason software. The baritone and guitar tracks were recorded using my regular setup – performed using the Orange Crush 30R amp, and recorded into Harmonicdog’s MultiTrack iPhone app (which performed flawlessly as usual). The instruments were recorded using the custom break-out cable, and the vocals were recorded using the iPhone’s internal mic. The song was all mixed together using Reaper.

You will probably notice the new player. I’m transitioning over to a site called for the hosting of all my music. Project 52, Volume 1 is now for sale digitally at most places where people buy music, like iTunes and, but by using Bandcamp I can make all of the Project 52 tracks available for sale or the occasional free download as they go live. I can also make other albums available, like 2005’s Season Tics. You can check out both Season Tics and Project 52, Volume 1 from the embedded players in the upper right-hand corner of the site. I’ll also get around to releasing Meet the Widget, the full-length album with Developer as a three-piece, in the near future. As always, I really appreciate everyone who’s been helping me get the word out about this project. The new player helps to make that even easier – if you click on the share button for any track or album, you’ll find all sorts of ways to pass it on. Let me know what you think about the new player. Eventually I’ll need to start paying Soundcloud, while Bandcamp is free, so that helps make my decision a bit easier. I’ll see what I can do for those who love the Soundcloud player. I really do appreciate everyone’s feedback and support.

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