Rock of the Dead

Week 30, Spinning

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I’m going to keep the next couple of posts brief so that I can focus on some exciting developments that are coming soon, including the remastering and release of Project 52, Volume 2 (weeks 14 – 26).

The first major step along the way was taken on Friday, where I made the most of having a day off from work by finishing a construction project to completely revamp my home studio, and I recorded the drums for this week’s song plus the next three weekly songs (writing four songs this week was huge, too). To top it off, I had a great business lunch with David Bernabo, my partner in Woolslayer & Main Productions, to plan out our Web site. We need to get the site up and running before the release of “Rock of the Dead“, an amazing looking zombie-themed video game from our friends at Epicenter Studios, on which we were asked to produce a bunch of songs.

This week’s song, “Spinning,” is a pretty straight-up pop/rock number. It’s a good old bass, drums, and guitar song, written in standard tuning. The drums were recorded in Reaper using the same six-mic setup as last week. The guitars, bass, and vocals were recorded into my iPhone using the MultiTrack app. The guitar and bass were performed on my Orange Crush 30R and miked using the custom break-out cable (discussed in Week 2). The vocals were recorded using the iPhone’s built in mic. 

The current song of the week is available as a free download using the SoundCloud player, and as always thanks for stopping by and letting me know what you think of my weekly craziness.

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